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Posted on February 15, 2017

Home security automation provides fantastic control over your security devices and more from anywhere in the world.

Home security automation and home automation in general are rapidly evolving industries that are starting to blend. Home security apps from ADT Pulse, Vivint Smart Home, Simply Safe, Vera Home Automation and others let you control your alarm, your remote or ip camera, lights, and other devices from anywhere in the world. Plus, if they integrate, you can use general home automation services such as Google Home Automation, Amazon Echo (Alexa), and Apple Home to do similar things. For information on features and integration it’s best to call an expert in home security automation.

Home security automation provides you with incredible benefits and control from anywhere in the world.

Top Notch Security: Remotely arm and disarm your system, or view live and recorded video surveillance at any time. Turn on the lights before getting home with the tap of a button. Besides having highly trained security professionals monitoring your home 24/7, home security apps let you continuously monitor and control your home at your fingertips. You can also receive custom alerts and notifications when someone enters your house or if your alarm system has been disarmed.

Energy Efficiency: Looking to reduce your utility bill and maximize energy efficiency? Smart home systems can help because you ensure are only using the most energy needed while you are either at home or away. By synching up your system to electrical household appliances, you can better manage your energy consumption. For instance, remotely turn off lights that the kids left on, or turn off the AC as an unexpected cold front starts moving in while you’re at work.

Savings: While you can expect to see savings on your monthly utility bills, you may also be eligible for home insurance discounts. Many smart home owners are rewarded with reduced premiums of up to 20%. Besides monetary savings, you’ll also be saving time. No more worrying if you forgot to shut the garage door that morning or making sure you’re home in time to unlock the door for the maid.

Convenience: Having the convenience of controlling your home remotely can help save a lot of time throughout your busy day. Keeping an eye on your home when you’re on vacation, or being able to see who’s at your front door without ever having to leave the couch are just a few of the many perks that exist.

Peace of Mind: While there are several advantages of having a home automation system, the biggest has to be the 24/7 peace of mind that you can take with you wherever you go. Home automation lets you rest reassured without interrupting your busy lifestyle.

Experience the benefits of a home automation system today!

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