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100% Wireless

Posted on February 15, 2017

Wireless security systems coupled with home security apps are popular because they are affordable, easy to install, and offer superior home protection.

If you consider all of the benefits, it’s no surprise wireless security systems and lately wireless security cameras have become so popular. They are affordable, easy to install, and offer superior protection compared with wired systems that can be cut by burglars. Home security apps also let you monitor and watch your home from almost anywhere in the world!

What are some of the best features of wireless security systems?

More Secure & Reliable: Wireless home security systems are much more reliable than traditional landline or broadband monitoring systems. They make your home more secure because the system will not go down due to cut wires, loss of internet connection or a power outage. For example, there are no lines for a burglar to cut, which makes it more difficult for intruders to enter your home. Wireless systems are also faster than landline connections, therefore providing you with a quicker emergency response time.

Easy Installation: Being able to skip the hassle with drilling and other electrical modifications makes pre-installed wireless systems an attractive option. Forget wire-stripping and having to look at messy cords running through the house. With a few basic tools, either you or a professional can easily have the wireless system up and running within a few hours. Plus – you can conveniently sign up and schedule the install for that same day!

Home Insurance Discounts: Installing a monitored security service may help you save on your homeowner’s insurance. Most insurance companies recognize the added value of protection that a home security system provides and will therefore reward you with reduced premiums – an average of up to 20%! You may be eligible for even more savings by installing additional features, such as a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, or flood sensor.

Instant Alerts: Having a wireless home security system lets you connect your system online, so you can receive text or email alerts through your smartphone, desktop or tablet. For instance, you can receive instant notifications via your security company’s home security app, when your alarm is triggered, if the front door was unlocked, if a pipe burst, or from any other unusual movement in your home.

Interactive Live Monitoring: By connecting your system to your phone or wireless device, you can watch live or recorded video feeds from any camera you have set up in your home. Outdoor cameras let you see who’s knocking at the front door or when your kids arrived home from school. Monitor the housemaid or babysitter with inside video cameras. With full video surveillance accessibility, you can have true peace of mind whether you’re relaxing at home or on a business trip across the country.

Home Automation: Besides providing you with a safer home, wireless home security systems can be the start of a true smart home, where you can control various events in your house. These home automation systems let you remotely arm or disarm your system and view pre-recorded or live video surveillance so you always feel at home. Besides home security, many home automation systems let you remotely control your home’s lighting, thermostat, small appliances and more. Did you forget to shut the garage door before leaving the house? Simply close it with a tap of a button from your mobile phone!

Easy Upgrades: Thinking about adding more cameras throughout your house or expanding into a complete smart home? The flexibility of wireless security systems gives you the ability to easily add equipment upgrades at any time. No need to have to mess with any wiring – As your lifestyle or budget changes, you have the convenience to add more motion detectors, cameras and more with very minimal effort.

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